Karina Mendreczky



“Karina Mendreczky with her installation with delicate lyricism, she translates landscape into an image at once real and spatially tangible and yet also ephemeral, an imaginative construct emerging out of the interplay between light and shadow, transparent prop-like elements representing nature, and drawing-based projection. The technical means she deploys, partly taken from graphic printing, partly from stage lighting, remind us, that neither nature, nor the experience of nature can be reproduced, also nature, so often perceived as untouched, frequently serves as a projection surface. At the same time, with this work the artist is reflecting on her constant travelling between Hungary and Austria, which along with questions as to the oscillation of her own sense of place, also broaches socio-political scenarios.“ Nicolaus Schafhausen "

Karina Mendreczky, geboren 1988 in Budapest, lebt und arbeitet in Wien und Budapest. Sie graduierte in Graphik und Druckgrafik (MA) an der Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Wien 2015. Von 2014 bis 2015 nahm sie an einem Erasmus Programm an der University of the Arts London, Wimbledon College of Art, Print and Time-Based Media department, teil.
Karina Mendreczky wurde 2015 mit dem Preis der Kunsthalle Wien ausgezeichnet. Unter dem Titel "Salad Days" zeigte sie zuletzt gemeinsam mit Anastasiya Yarovenko im Rahmen der Vienna Art Week Arbeiten in der Galerie ARCC.art.

Webseite der Künstlerin: www.karinamendreczky.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/karina_mendreczky





  • Marianne Emlékkönyvébe, PINCE, Budapest
  • ZiggY Art Fair, Pintér Galerie, Budapest
  • Autos, Schauspielhaus, Wien


  • Godot Young Generation Art Fair,Goldberger Institute of Contemporary Art, Budapest
  • RAF 2018, Ateliers Pro Arts Center, Budapest
  • Salad Days, ARCC.at Gallery/Vienna Art Week
  • Borderless, Latarka Gallery, Budapest


  • YG Art Fair Y Generation, Zsilip, Budapest
  • Druckgrafik die Druckgraphik, Salzamt, Linz
  • Instickt-Ancestor,Latarka Gallery, Budapest

  • Art Garden,Art forward Gallery,Budapest
  • OLU Festival, MQ,Wien


  • Preis der Kunsthalle Wien 2015, Kunsthalle Wien Karsplatz


  • Repeat/Spiral, Parallel exhibition to
IMPACT9 International Print Biennale Renke Art Gallery, Hangzou, China
  • Doppelspiel, Salzamt, Linz
  • Doppelspiel, Sala Terena Vienna
  • Nature Reloaded, Österreich Werbung, MQ, Vienna


  • Dedicated to/Widmung an, Kultur Forum Amthof , Kärnten
  • Dimension, Harts Lane Studios, London
  • Cabinet of imagination, Wimbledon, London